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Important Notes

Project Code : PF_IOT_27

1.This project we have done on Arduino uno microcontroller
2.Same project possible on ESP32 and raspberry pi pico controller
3.Along with project we will provide

a. original code
b. circuit diagram
c. Documentation data

4.This project IEEE reference titles

a. IoT based System for Heart Rate Monitoring

Iot Heart Rate Monitoring



Design and development of IOT heart rate monitoring for patients.


Cardiology department is very important department among all departments in medical sector. Doctors can estimate heart life based on heart beat values in several days continuously. The heart beat values in graph wise is easy to estimate heart functionality easily. But continuous heart beat monitoring in presence of doctor is not possible. To solve this we have implementing IOT heart rate monitoring using MAX30100/11 sensor.


This project includes MAX30100/11 sensor. This sensor can read heart beat and SPO2 (oxygen values for  blood).MAX30100/11 sensors interfaced with Arduino through I2C communication. On other hand WIFI (Esp8266/IOT module) module connected to Arduino through UART port. Buzzer also connected to Arduino digital I/O and will ON after reading sensor values.


After keeping finger on MAX30100/11 sensor, it takes few seconds time to read heart rate and SPO2 values. After successful read, Arduino displayed values on LCD. As well Arduino sends Heart rate and SPO2 values to IOT server using WIFI (ESP8266/IOT module) module. Arduino uploads data to server for every one minute. Buzzer will be ON when data uploads to server. In IOT server data will be visible in text format and graphical format. Doctors can access this data from anywhere and easily analyses with graphical representation.


Microcontroller           :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                           :         16 MHz

LCD                                :         16X2 LCD

WIFI                               :         Esp8266 (IOT module)

Heart rate                      :         Max30100/11

SPO2                               :         Max30100/11

Buzzer                             :         DC 5V

Power Source                :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Hospital
  • Health Care
  • Cardiology
  • In this project we have covered WIFI (ESP8266/IOT) module interfacings. Also Heart beat and SPo2 parameters monitoring from max30100/11.


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