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 All projects tested in multiple stages. There are three stages of testing of each project. Below mentioned testing sequences.


  1.   At the time of firmware checking
  2.   After fixing on wood or acrylic sheet
  3.   Before delivery, we will check again project output.

After qualifying in all three stages then only we will dispatch (parcel) project. Customer should inform within 6 days (day count after receiving project) if faced any issue. We will not responsible if customer add any additional components. We are not responsible for any physical damage of project. There is a chance of malfunction of any component (of project) while operation. But this kind of malfunctions happens in very rare cases. Customer should support to us to resolve issue. We have debugging procedure for project issues. There are two kinds of issues which are mentioned below.

 Firmware (or) coding issues:

Generally, for any kind of electronic kit coding defect will not occur and code always works same manner based on conditions.

Hardware issues:

There is some chance to get problems in hardware. But this issue percentage is less than one percentage. But we have procedure and support to solve issue. If any issue occur, then customer should contact project factory.  We will find problem through phone call or video call. If any particular component damage then we will ship particular component and customer should replace with our guidelines. We are ready to give door step service to customers if they need.


What kind of hardware issues comes under free service:

  1.   Power supply heating and if it creates issues.
  2.   Sensor failure (it happens in rare cases).  
  3.   Module failure (it happens in rare cases).

What kind of hardware issues not comes under free service:

  1.   Battery Discharge.
  2.   Problems caused by lack of Earthing (Adaptor Failure)
  3.   While operating project/kit, if any short circuits occur (touching of one sensor to other or any component) then there will be chance to      damage kit.
  4.   If water or liquid poured on kit/project then it will be damaged.
  5.   If microcontroller, sensors, modules or any other components tampered then it will not come under free service.
  6.   Modifications of kit/project will not come under free service.

Based on above issues we will ready to support and charges will be imposing if issues not under free service. If issues not solved after support from Projects Factory then customer should resend project/kit to our premises. One way courier charges should pay by customer. If any project or kit creates problem in multiple times then customer should come physically to Projects Factory premises to resolve issues

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