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Projects Factory naming established in 2021 and it is online branding of AMVITECH. We are into Academic Projects since 10 years. Projects Factory is a brand name of AMVITECH. Our online operation are done with the name of projects factory domain name.  We not only dealing academic projects but also developed so many industrial products. All our products related to Embedded Systems and IOT applications. Projects Factory provides academic projects on all domains on Embedded Systems. Projects Factory deals several microcontrollers like 8051, PIC, AVR, Arduino, Node MCU, STM32, ESP32, ESP8266 and Raspberry PI. Our projects are innovative and cost effective. Projects Factory team size ten members. All team members can deal coding and hardware designs. Projects Factory prepares won modules like GSM, GPS, Xbee/Zigbee, LIFI, Load cell, Arduino daughter boards…etc. Projects Factory provides projects on all technologies like IOT projects, GSM projects, GPS projects, RFID projects, LIFI projects, DTMF projects, Zigbee projects, Electronic projects, Electrical projects, ESP32 cam projects, raspberry pi projects. Projects Factory will provide won concepts of students based on possibilities.

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