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Terms & Conditions

  • Project/Kit ordering terms and procedure
  • Customer should place order in
  • No cash on delivery available.
  • After project selection (adding card and checkout) customer should pay amount in online.
  • Customer will get mail about confirmation of project with unique ID.
  • After payment credited to our account then we will send another mail about payment confirmation and project delivery date.
  • While ordering project/kit, customer should read all details like legal (warranty, Hardware and software issues, Precautions) and terms and conditions.
  • Customer should enable terms and conditions check box to go to next step. (If customer enables this check box that means he/she accepts all legal, terms and conditions).
  • Each project/kit takes time to delivery. Time will vary from two days to seven days.
  • Latency in courier is not our responsible.
  • Courier charges included in project price.
  • Generally we prefer normal courier service for cost optimization. If customer need project/kit in short span of time, then price will be increase.
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