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Important Notes

Project Code : PF_FP_4

1.This project we have done on Arduino uno microcontroller
2.Same project possible on ESP32 and raspberry pi pico controller
3.Along with project we will provide

a. original code
b. circuit diagram
c. Documentation data

4.This project IEEE reference titles

a. Biometric Voting Machine Based on Fingerprint Scanner and Arduino

Finger Print Based Biometric Voting System With Storing



Design and Development of Fingerprint based Biometric voting system with Storing.


Normal voting system done by electronic machines or ballet papers. These are not secure and manual presence need to avoid rigging. For secure voting process we need any smart voting systems. Here we want to add biometric to voting system, this gives high level security for voting process. Here project title is fingerprint based biometric voting system with storing. After voting process data will stored in SD card.


This project includes Finger print module (R307-biometric), which is connected to Arduino through UART interface. Two buttons and buzzer connected to Arduino digital pins.  SD card adapter connected to Arduino SPI pins.


Here voting process happen though finger prints. Each person can enroll finger. After finger identified in module then we have to do voting. The voting process happens through buttons. Here three buttons allotted for three parties and fourth button for total. If any person do voting again system won’t allotted and buzzer will be ON. For unauthorized people buzzer will be ON. All this voting and total will store in SD card. Also data display on 16X2 LCD display.


Microcontroller             :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                             :         16 MHz

LCD                                  :         16X2 LCD

Finger Print Module     :         Bio-metric Module (R307)

SD Card                           :         SPI interface

Buzzer                              :         5vDC

Power Source                 :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Voting Applications
  • We have covered finger print module (R307-Biometric Module) interfacing
  • Buttons and SD card interface


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