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Important Notes

Project Code : PF_BT_25

1.This project we have done on Arduino uno microcontroller
2.Same project possible on ESP32 and raspberry pi pico
3.Mobile App supports only in android phones
4.Toy not included to the project
5.Along with project we will provide

a. original code
b. circuit diagram
c. Documentation data

6.This project IEEE reference titles

a. Smart Baby cradle

Automatic Smart Baby Cradle



Design and Development of Automatic smart baby cradle.


Every child need cradle and it is a kind of device that will give sleeping mood to baby by swinging. Parents need to put physical efforts to move cradle even in night times. We want to design and develop smart cradle that will move automatically and having some sensors. There is temperature and humidity sensor that will read cradle and baby temperature and humidity. Sound sensor will detect baby crying and then cradle will swing automatically. Also wet sensor detects baby urination and buzzer will be ON for indication. All these sensors data upload to Bluetooth application.


Bluetooth (HC-05) interfaced with Arduino UART port. DHT11 sensor, Moisture sensor (urine detection), MIC sensors interfaced with Arduino digital pins. Servo motor interfaced with Arduino digital pin.


Cradle is a structure that will mount on two strips and moves when motor rotates. MIC sensor placed front side of cradle. When baby cries, MIC sensor detects and send signal to Arduino. Arduino send signals to servo motor to move cradle or swing cradle. Also, it has moisture sensor strips that will detect baby urination. Soil moisture sensor output will be high when it detects any kind of liquid. DHT11 sensor detects temperature and humidity of baby surroundings. All these sensors data displaying on 16×2 LCD display. Also, Arduino sends sensors data to android application through Bluetooth module.

  • Microcontroller              :         Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                              :         16 MHz
  • LCD                                  :         16X2 LCD
  • Temperature Sensor     :         DHT11
  • Humidity Sensor          :         DHT11
  • Sound Sensor                :         MIC sensor
  • Bluetooth Module        :         HC-05
  • Wet Detection Sensor :         Moisture sensor
  • Motor                            :         Servo
  • H-Bridge                       :         L293D
  • Buzzer                           :         5V DC
  • Power Source              :         12V 2 amp Adaptor
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Baby Monitoring System
  • Smart Cradle
  • Wireless smart cradle
  • We have covered Arduino and Bluetooth (HC-05) module interface
  • DHT11, MIC sensor (Sound sensor), wet detection sensor and servo interface



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