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Important Notes

Project Code : PF_AI_ML_7

1.This project we have done on Arduino uno microcontroller and esp32 cam
2.Same project possible on raspberry pi controller
3.Image processing results depends on external light
4.Along with project we will provide

a. original code
b. circuit diagram
c. Documentation data

5.This project IEEE reference titles

a. Smart Security Door System Using SMS Based Energy Harvest

AI Enabled Smart Door For Identifying Persons With SMS Notification



Design development of AI Enabled smart door for identifying persons with SMS notification.


This paper presents the design and implementation of an AI-enabled smart door system capable of person identification, with the additional functionality of SMS notification. In today’s context of increasing security concerns and the need for seamless access control, this technology offers an innovative and efficient solution for recognizing authorized individuals and notifying homeowners or administrators about entry events. The smart door system harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, particularly Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), to process live video streams and identify persons approaching the door. The CNN model is trained on a comprehensive dataset comprising diverse images of individuals, captured under various lighting conditions, angles, and poses, ensuring robustness and accuracy in person recognition.


Arduino uno interfaced with ESP32 cam with UART port. GSM modem (SIM800C) also connected to another UART port.


This system installed at door step to detect humans. If any human detected by the camera it will send commands to Arduino Uno. There are other kind of human presence systems like PIR and proximity sensors. But sensor based human detection is not accurate and not suitable in every time.  Vision based human detection is more accurate and can classify images. Arduino sends SMS to authorized mobile number when it detects human presence.


Microcontroller          :           Arduino uno controller

Crystal                        :           16 MHz

LCD                            :           16×2 LCD display

GSM                           :           SIM800C

Buzzer                         :           5V DC

Camera                       :           ESP32 camera

Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Security systems
  • AI enabled smart surveillance system
  • Smart security door system
  • AI enabled Door bell system
  • We have covered Arduino uno controller programming and interface
  • ESP32 cam and GSM (SIM800C) programming



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